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The key that opens the gate to your vineyard: the Vinea Transaction network of property agencies are the leading experts in buying and selling French wine estates – but we can do a lot more for you besides.
We draw on our in-depth market expertise to support winery & vineyard buyers before, during and after they get their new operations off the ground.
We put you in touch with the right people to design and set up your vineyard, offer consultancy, communications and financial advice, and more.
Each individual agency focuses strictly on its own region and has advised a wide range of French and international buyers for 25 years.

Wine-making consultancy
« From consultancy to estate management »
Need consultancy and advice on wine-making?

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned wine-making professional, setting up a business in a wine-growing region requires a certain number of expert studies and preliminary analyses, which can only be carried out by a specialist who knows the region’s wine industry inside out.


Vinea Transaction’s regional experts have the essential skills to make a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of the proposed investment and provide the technical know-how to move your project forward.


Our flexible package is tailored to the specific requirements of each property – from straightforward land valuation, through a detailed audit of the vineyard, to a complete estate management service – so working with us is a seamless process.

Setting up a vineyard
« Your vineyard, from design to optimum yield »
Need advice on setting up a vineyard?

The vineyard is the heart and soul of a winery, but grapevine plantations are very long-term investments, requiring a fifty-year commitment.
Inadequate preparation, poor planting, the wrong grape variety or rootstock, errors in evaluating the site’s exposure or drainage – any of these will handicap a wine-growing project for life.

That’s why Vinea Transaction has a whole team of specialists on hand to offer clients comprehensive expertise including plot surveys, terracing design, soil analysis and planting vines.

Our specialists also take care of the stringent administrative procedures that apply when a vineyard is replanted.
An à la carte service tailored to the specific needs of each estate, region or country.

Land & Building Surveys
« Seal the deal »
Need a land or building survey*?

The wine world is becoming more demanding and requires ever greater skills to succeed.

Alongside the mandatory property surveys (see the section on Succeeding in Your Transaction) “RÉUSSIR SA TRANSACTION Vinea Transaction also offers wine producers – whether already in business or about to set up – a range of expert surveys to secure the transaction, such as GPS-enabled measuring of surface areas or detailed chloroanisole audits.

*Note that French law requires a number of specific “diagnostic” surveys to be carried out by independent and certified specialist companies.

Architecture & Engineering for Wineries
« From wine cellar to château »
Need architectural or engineering advice for your winery?

Today we are more reliant than ever on architecture to balance our needs with a respect for the natural environment.

How can we reconcile a modern approach with the sometimes historic, impractical buildings of a winery?

New technology, functionalism, fluid automation, temperature control, draconian regulations – all these must somehow be assimilated into their surroundings, without destroying tradition.

If existing buildings need converting into dwellings or wine-making facilities, or if new construction is required, it is crucial to entrust the work to qualified experts who specialise in this field.

Our architecture, design, engineering and certification professionals are among the most experienced in the industry.

« Your property is not a financial product »
Need financial advice?

A wine estate is not a financial product.


The French have two sayings, “In order to be a millionaire, a wine-maker must start out a billionaire!” and “Wine-growers live poor and die rich.”

Potential investors must be aware that being a wine-maker is by no means a way to get rich quick.

Those looking to purchase a vineyard should not focus solely on return on investment. It’s important to remember that this type of property comes with non-income-generating elements including accommodation and other conveniences such as a pool, gardens and outbuildings. 

However, the loss of short-term profit is offset by other benefits: 

  • Strong resale values: the vast majority of estates continue to attract a higher price than at their previous sale, provided they have been properly managed. Other than in a handful of appellations, vineyard values have not fallen anywhere in France in recent years.
  • Attractive tax incentives on property sales and business transfers.
  • Exemption from France’s direct wealth tax (Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune) under certain legal arrangements.


While debt can account for 90% of some investments, other purchases may require a personal contribution of up to 80% of the total cost. 

The precise level of borrowing will depend, to a large extent, on the nature of the investment. Professional buyers with existing sales outlets seeking to invest in production facilities will be able to sustain a much higher debt ratio than smaller-scale investors looking for a place to live. 

Investors with a wine-growing background, or with an established market or network – such as major retailers, importers and breweries – therefore fall firmly into the first category. 


The financial package must encompass the following three aspects: 

  • The cost of the purchase itself, including fees
  • The cost of additional structural work, fixtures and fittings and investment to bring the property up to full operating capacity
  • Working capital (sufficient for 18-24 months)


Vinea Transaction has close links with regional and national banks in France. We can introduce you to the right financial partners and guide you through the process of preparing and submitting your loan application.

Communications & marketing
« From label to newsletter »
Need communications and marketing advice?

The world of wine is changing fast! Wines from the old world – the historic birthplace of wine – now share shelf-space with labels from the new world.

With a choice of traditional, modern or futuristic, it’s a matter of taste, preference, and especially fitting your product to the market.

To set up, take over or grow a wine business today, you need to incorporate a communication and marketing strategy into your overall plan.

A wine estate must have a coherent communications and marketing policy, from the name you choose for your wine, its market positioning and label design, to your website, newsletter and leaflet.

Our specialist professional partners can help with all your communication needs at any stage of your business, including design, marketing, multimedia and news.

Audit & Strategy
« From studies to strategic advice »
Need auditing and strategic advice?

The wine sector occupies a place apart within the agrifood industry. In wine-making, micro-enterprises rub shoulders with multinationals operating on a global scale.
These special circumstances, coupled with the economic and financial challenges inherent in any wine-growing venture, make preliminary audits and a strategic approach all the more crucial.
To help investors and wine businesses with their national and international acquisitions and growth, Vinea Transaction has multidisciplinary teams on the ground in every major wine region. In these fast-changing times, the need for ​​innovation, organisation, good judgement and strategic thinking has never been greater.
Drawing up a business plan when two major variables are hard to predict – the sales price per bottle and the rate of turnover growth – is no easy thing.
We can help you with audits and strategy, so please get in touch

« The key jobs in a wine-making business »
Need recruitment advice?

Being a wine-producer is a complex and many-faceted job, with four major trades to master: growing grapes, making wine, sales and management.

You may find you need to recruit at any moment of the business cycle, whether to form a team for a new venture, expand into new activities, or simply replace a member of staff. 

Entrusting this task to a specialist recruitment firm has many advantages:


  • Confidence that the recruitment process is being handled professionally at every stage
  • Access to the recruitment agency’s register of existing candidates
  • Greater reach by tapping into the recruitment agency’s professional network
  • The back-up of recruiters with in-depth knowledge of the wine industry

This means you can get on with the final selection of candidates based on how well they match the profile you’re looking for – without trawling through CVs or holding time-consuming interviews.

We have long-standing relationships with recruitment agencies that deliver impressive results and are fully up-to-speed on regional viticultural techniques.

« Specialist insurance »
Need insurance advice?

Specialist insurance

As a general rule, it is essential to protect your assets.

Wine property constitutes a complex, living whole, that is the sum of its parts: a business, its people and an investment asset that may have historical significance. All these factors must be taken into account, meaning that very specific insurance cover is required. Insuring the inventory and risks associated with marketing "food products" is a further specialist area. It is therefore vital to entrust your insurance to industry experts who can give you a clear overview of the decisions to be made and the risks to be covered.

We can help you with specialist insurance, so please get in touch.

Glossary of the transaction
« For a perfect mastery of wine vocabulary »


A specific glossary very useful for any purchaser of wine estates.

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